I am so glad to have participated in the group. It has been a great support for me and a source of empowerment, clarity, and connection to the wise woman within!"

-- Suzanne Mariner, Ontological Coach at Core Centered Coaching, Denver, CO

I have been following the Monday Morning Coach for four years now and some how, each Monday, Carole delivers the wisdom I need to get through the week and handle my life with ease and grace. The Monday Morning Coach is truly a blessing to us all and the Ten Principles of Attraction is worth buying if you have not already done so.

-- Bill Green, Professional Photographer, Denver, CO

Carole is very gifted. I consider Carole to be the vessel of God's love and I thank her for "holding the space" for me to explore and shift and evolve."

-- Valorie Burton, Life Coach/Author, Washington, DC

Since Attending Carole's workshop in spring of 2000, I continue to value her words of wisdom, support and connection in Monday Morning Coach. The inspiration you convey through your emails and conference calls is a treasure. I am excited to continue sharing your supportive spirit with friends and continue my personal development as a better human being.

-- Stephanie Jones, HR Professional, Miami, FL

I met Carole at a conference in Arizona in February of 2006.To say that I was impressed with her positive attitude is an understatement. She shared with me some of the challenges she has faced in her own life and how she has chosen to write her own life story instead of letting circumstances control the direction of her life. I knew in the first five minutes of talking with her that I trusted her and that she was the person who could really help my daughter find her passion and get on the path to fulfilling her dreams with Carole's guidance. Having Carole for a coach is like having four of the best role models you can have in one person: a father (who pushes you) a mother (who nurtures you) a best friend (who loves you) and a teacher (who inspires you).  Thank you, Carole. You are a blessing.

-- Sharyn Casaly, Entrepreneur/Owner, The Sentimenal Story, Westlake Village, CA

You have been so supportive in helping me grow tremendously over the past four years. You have helped me look at things in a different light and I want to thank you for all your input, support, and love.

--Kim Woods, Manager, Western Region Ad Sales, Los Angeles, CA


Carole was my intro to coaching. I found it one of the most enlightening, growth experiences I have ever had. Carole's gentleness, support, and guidance helped me go to the next level in all areas of my life. I greatly recommend Carole's coaching.

--Eileen Gould-Lifestyles Interior Design and Construction, Inc., Los Angeles, CA


Personally and professionally, Carole has helped me bring more balance into my life. My stress level has been reduced 100% and I am spending more time with my family and myself.

--Gayle Washburn, Computer Consultant, Denver, Colorado


Dear sweet friend, although we have never met, I look forward to hearing from you every week. Your words are truly inspirational and uplifting. Thank you for all of the great messages.

--Artie Looking Hawk, Shaman, Sedona, AZ


Since Carole and I started "playing" together, my business has nearly doubled, in less than a year! And this has been accompanied by personal growth, increased time with my family, and more vacations.

You've helped me achieve goals that I wouldn't have even considered just months ago. Thank you for opening my eyes to the tremendous potential that exists in myself and the world. I'm a happier, more relaxed, more successful person than I was. You have been a huge contributor to this exciting period in my life.

--Steve Ellis, Broker Associate, Boulder, CO


With Carole's coaching, I was able to find ways to reduce my workload and still quadruple my sales. My life feels much more balanced. I now value my skills and abilities much more because I know how to set healthy boundaries.

--Sharon Weinberg, Owner, Research Company, Denver, CO


Carole sets the standard for other coaches to follow. She is a fabulous model for her clients, family, friends and coaching colleagues. She is a gifted leader, a real straight shooter and certainly walks her talk. Her thirst for spiritual, personal, and professional growth is robust and this fuels wealth of courage. Her clients stay with her for a long time and this in itself speaks volumes about the quality of her coaching.

--Chrissy Carew, Master Certified Coach, Nashua, NH


Carole is a fine asset to my life. Her insight into how to balance one's spiritual and business life is truly inspiring and has been instrumental in my achieving my goals.

--Joel Weissman, Educator, Denver, CO


Carole has helped me focus on the things that are important in life.

--Tami Carlson, Paralegal, Westminster, CO


Since I started working with you, my life has absolutely changed. It's not just that the things I truly wanted have shown up in my life (or that I have finally let them come in), it's that I have a clearer sense of who I am and what I want and where I'm going than I ever did before. I look at my past behavior, and I see how it got me much that I wanted, while it also got me in trouble and tired. Now my thoughts, words and actions can be aligned to simply allow things to happen — and happen they do.

I now know that I don't have to work so hard, and I can have whatever I want. Funny, these are things I've been saying for years, and now I'm watching them actually come true.

--Lisa Kohn, Consultant & Coach, Fairfield, CT


Carole's a top notch business speaker who delivers a powerful human message.

--Carol Hartman, Business Consultant & Trainer,
Westlake Village, CA


When I called Carole, I was unhappy in my job as the Director of Research for a venture capital firm. The problem was that I had been unhappy in almost all of my professional endeavors, even though I enjoyed the challenges and rewards of working.

Carole delicately led me through a series of questionnaires and personal assessments that helped me realize that my unhappiness was due to some personal issues in my past that led me to make poor decisions about my career. That is one of the great things about Carole and the way that she works. She does not just try to find her clients another "job"; she works with the total individual — both personal and professional sides — to help each client design a lifestyle of his/her dreams. She helps the clients find their own way, rather than offering her own solutions to their problems.

--Lori Ann Nicholson, Director of Research, Westminster, CO


Our calls have brought me peace and an understanding of what I'm about.

--Lisa Craig, Web Designer, Lone Tree, CO


As a self-employed individual in a competitive industry, as well as a wife and mother of two children, my life before working with Carole was hectic and frustrating. I would work 60 hours a week, and carry a sense of guilt for not being available for my family.

Through the efforts of Carole and her ability to clearly understand and recognize areas of improvement, I have been able to reduce my work hours and increase my job satisfaction and quality of time with my family while at the same time increase my income and efficiency. I now even have time for myself!

--Terri L. Hinrichs, Certified Financial Planner, Denver, CO


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