Carole, Master Certified Coach, has been featured and quoted in The Denver Post, Healthy Living Magazine, Southern Alumni Magazine, Boulder News, Trail Gazette and Empowering Women Magazine.

Carole has also made numerous television and radio appearances.

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The Denver Post, August 26, 2007
"Coaches talk clients to new growth, action, connection"
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"What Children Learn from Work at Home Moms"
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"A Journey of the Heart"
March 2004 feature story in the
Trail Gazette
Carole talks about following her heart to
 fulfill her dream of being a Spiritual & Business Coach.

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"The Wisdom Coach"
Featured in
Southern Illinois University's Alumni Magazine,
Salukis In Business.

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"Helping Others Have it All"
Feature story in the
Trail Gazette
This article highlights key points from Carole's best selling audio book
"The 10 Principles of Attraction: A Practical Guide to Creating
Spiritual and Business Success".

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The Professional Coaching Journal, December 1996

"I believe that in every given moment we are either creating or miscreating our lives. When we are unaware of the power of our thoughts we tend to create by default. When we wake up to realize that the universe sends us exactly what we ask for, we can then shift from miscreating to creating all that we desire in our lives," Carole Billingham said in her recent workshop titled "Changing Your Life by Changing Your Thoughts."

Three years ago Carole Billingham was a high-powered Miami securities broker--successful but unhappy with her chosen career. Realizing how importance service to others was to her, Carole decided to follow her principles and her heart--to a new profession and a new home. "I had originally become a stockbroker because I knew that making a contribution to others was the most important thing to me. I had the material success that I wanted and knew that it took a lot more than money to make me happy. What I found happening was that in my helping people to plan for their financial future I was coaching them even more on life issues such as improving the quality of their lives. One day it just dawned on me. I knew that I had a gift and that if I allowed the universe to show me, I would learn how best to use it." It wasn't long thereafter that Carole left her home in Miami to pursue a new life in Boulder, Colorado as a hypnotherapist and coach.

As a coach, Billingham believes that her job is more than just being an enthusiastic cheerleader for her clients. "I believe that we are already perfect and limitless. As a coach I try to create the space for my clients to see their own perfection as I do, to let go of things that no longer serve them to make more space for things that do." Through such techniques as visualization and meditation Billingham encourages her clients to find ways to quiet their minds in order to hear the wisdom within their own heart. "So often we look outside of ourselves to find the answers to life's questions and to find inner peace. If we could simply channel all of that energy that we send outside of ourselves inward we would discover that the answers are already there, we just need to find a way that best allows them to come to us. Through the process we can discover our true strength and power that lies within us, a power based on love rather than fear."

Whether working with sales professionals, small business owners, or fellow adult-adoptees, Billingham's approach comes directly from the heart. "It is an honor and privilege to be able to use my experiences both professionally and personally, to be able to assist my clients on their own path of development and discovery, and to know that as my clients grow, so do I."



Carole L. Billingham, MCC, Spiritual & Business Coach
Boulder, Colorado
"Bringing YourSelf into Your Business"
"All the answers to life's questions reside within you"

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