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Clear the Decks

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

“Clear the Decks” Those three words keep coming to me, both from my head and from my soul.  A couple of weeks ago I hit a wall, or rather it hit me.  I had been putting an enormous amount of energy forth to start new projects, take care of lots of people and to (not so) simply live my rich and full life.  What I hadn’t noticed, was that I had depleted my reserves of energy and had long since past the point of running on fumes.

Before my head injury I could get away with running on empty in short spurts without any big consequences.  I can no longer do that.  It’s not really a bad thing, it just means that I need to stay as conscious as possible and pay close attention to how I am feeling.  Most importantly, I need to recognize quickly when it is time for me to pull back and increase the time I spend on Self Care.

Years ago, as I was being put into the ambulance at the scene of my auto accident, I heard Spirit’s calm and loving voice tell me “this experience will teach you how to receive”.  For most of us, receiving isn’t the easiest of tasks.  We have the giving part down pat. It is in the learning to receive that we truly start to experience a life of balance.  Self Care is one of the most basic forms of receiving and in turn, restoring balance to our body, mind and spirit.

Unfortunately we cannot be open to receiving if our life is too full.  Whether it’s setting good boundaries, saying “no” or eliminating “tolerations” that are draining you, clearing the decks can be an invigorating and freeing process.  In doing so, you can once again reclaim the helm of your life and create the space for what you want to attract in your life (this is the 3rd Principle of Attraction in my audio The 10 Principles of Attraction).  In reclaiming your space and consciousness you can declare that you get to decide what you want to do and not do in order to be true to yourself.  And instead of pushing or trying to make things happen, you can settle softly back into your knowingness that  “allowing things to unfold” is a much wiser and satisfying way of life.

Before you rush to fill in the extra space you have now created (isn’t funny how quickly the urge to do that can take over if we’re not paying attention?), take some time to enjoy the new room in your life and the limitless possibilities that space now holds.

Take some time to do things that nurture you.  Read, listen to music, get out your art supplies and embrace the gratitude that you feel in knowing that your life belongs to you.  Give thanks for your freedom and pay homage to that little voice that reminded you that it was time to take care of You..time once again to dance with your Soul.

What is your inner voice trying to tell you?  What might happen if you listened to and honored that voice?