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The Wisdom Coach Says: Who Do You Want to Be in 2009?

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

Great change is in the air. It’s not hard to see that there is something big brewing. Soon we will be gifted with a new year and a new president. Hope abounds.

I personally feel a change coming on as well. As I start public speaking again*, I have a sense that how I show up and what I have to offer is going to look different than it did a year ago. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I am certain that it’s going to be a fun and fulfilling ride.

In past years, I often focused my first newsletter of the year on evaluating the accomplishments of the previous year and then I’d offer some questions to ponder to help you create goals for the year to come. Today, I feel inspired to take you in a different direction.

Instead of asking you what you want to do in the new year my question to you is “who do you want to Be in 2009?”

Our culture has become obsessed with material success (and look where it has gotten us). In doing so, we’ve completely missed the point of what really matters. With the melt down of so many of our institutions we’ve been granted an opportunity to take a quick course on what really counts.

Lately I have been talking a lot about an insight that I had months ago that knocked me off my chair. What if your “life purpose” is simply to be joyful? Imagine the freedom you’d feel in knowing that the pressure is off and your “job” is simply to be happy?! What an amazing idea! In other words, what if reaching your potential had little to do with what you “do” and everything to do with Who You Are?

By focusing your efforts on being joyous (which I believe is your natural state anyway) you’d indeed achieve great things, but without so much of the suffering you’ve become accustomed to. Actions would be inspired from your heart rather than motivated by guilt or fear. Ironically, the outcome in turn, would be more joy.

So thinking about the fresh slate before you – who would you like to BE in 2009? My personal theme for the New Year is “Joyful all the Time in 2009” (what can I say…I like things that rhyme. Last year’s theme was “Meditate in 2008”).

I dare you to throw out your endless lists and goals and to pick an attribute or two that you’d like to “embody” in the next 12 months. Now, imagine what you and your life will look and feel like as you embrace and become that attribute. Feel the power of consciously choosing who you are, how you show up in the world and in turn offering the gift that is YOU (and what an amazing gift you are!).

Please take a moment and tell me who you want to Be in 2009. I promise to hold the space for you to fulfill that intention. I have a hunch that 2009 could be your best year ever!

Have an empowering month!


* I invite you to join me at the Chicks Who Click Conference in Boulder, Colorado on January 10th where I will be the keynote speaker.

The Wisdom Coach Says: Have the Holiday Season and New Year You Choose

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

The holidays are upon us, a blessed time of celebrating and appreciating loved ones, friends and treasured family traditions. Holidays can also be a time of extra stress, loneliness and overwhelm. The good news is that you have the ability to choose for yourself what kind of holiday season you’d like to have. It really is up to you.

Lots of people will be pulling back on their spending this holiday season. What a perfect way to get back to what the holidays are really about. By becoming more conscious of your spending (where you spend your money, who you spend your time with, and where you spend your energy) you have the opportunity to create your best holiday season ever!
Take a moment right now to write down your three most important intentions for your holidays. Now take a moment to write down three things you are going to do differently (or perhaps eliminate all together) this year.

Now, see yourself on New Year’s Eve celebrating, having experienced the best holiday season ever. Sense the satisfaction of knowing that you intentionally created the kind of memories you wanted to. You said “no” to people and things that did not appeal to you and said, “yes” to the things that did. You slowed down your pace so that you could truly appreciate the meaning of the season and the abundance of gifts (most of them intangible) that you enjoy not only during the holidays, but everyday of your life.
See yourself smile as you remember that every day can be a celebration. As you ponder the beauty and love that surrounds you, give thanks to Spirit and to your Inner Being who is always there to remind you of what life is really about – love and appreciation.

As you bask in that love and appreciation, remember that Spirit is always there to support and guide you and that if you choose, 2009 could be your best year ever. So get out that pen and start journaling about desires for this holiday season (and perhaps for the year to come).

Remember that you are loved and appreciated by many people (including me). And remember that the reason for the season is Love. Have a blessed and memorable month.

Happy Holidays!