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The WisdomCoach says: The Power of Rituals and Routines

Sunday, August 24th, 2008

I decided to prepare my room this morning before I sat down to write today’s issue of Monday Morning Coach. And, like always, I lit a candle to invite Spirit to be with me as I put my pen to paper. I like to have a candle lit when I write and when I coach to remind me of Spirit’s presence as well as my intention to be fully present in my heart. There is something innately grounding and comforting about rituals. Taking time to slow down and to be intentional is a gift in itself. Rituals and routines, like enjoying your morning cup of coffee or tea bring a sense of satisfaction as well as comfort.   Parents of small children often learn the importance of routine for both them and their little ones. In creating routines, both parents and children feel a sense of order, and in turn, inner peace. I’ve often said that the world seems to be spinning faster than ever. Last week I read that scientists have now actually proven this to be true. The world is, indeed, moving more rapidly than ever before! Rituals and routines are great tools to help us find our center when life around us is moving at the speed of sound. In our home we celebrate “movie night” every Friday evening. We eat pizza and watch a movie together, usually something my 7-year-old daughter has picked out. There is something soothing about knowing that no matter how hectic our week has been, Friday night we will all be snuggled on our couch, tummies filled with hot pizza, watching a film together.  All three of us treasure our movie nights (despite that Ania and I had pizza at lunch that day at school; another tradition of ours). Another custom enjoyed by our family is “donut Sunday”. (Hmm, are you beginning to see a pattern revolving around food . . . oh my, I might need to look more closely at that.) Every other Sunday, Barry and Ania head to the bakery on the other side of town to forage for donuts and bagels. My daughter cherishes her special time with her Dad and gets to satisfy her sweet tooth while I get to enjoy a few minutes alone quietly reading the Sunday newspaper. Truthfully, I really don’t care much for the bagels but I sure do enjoy that tranquil cup of tea with my Sunday edition of the paper.   When I think of some of my favorite rituals I think of journaling, yoga, prayer, date night, Sunday family dinners, Thanksgiving feasts, hot chocolate after playing in the snow, meditation, s’mores on camping trips, cookouts, sending holiday cards, birthday celebrations, and most importantly, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday exercise classes. (I have to put this on the list since over half of my list involves food!)   What habits and rituals do you enjoy in your life? Are you craving a few more? It might surprise you to see just how much joy these little pleasures can bring! ©2008 Carole L. BillinghamAre you getting your weekly dose of inspiration and wisdom? Sign up for my weekly Monday Morning Coach