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Reading for Inspiration & Affirming Our Inner Knowing

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

I’ve decided that instead of reading for information, that I’d rather read for inspiration. You see, I am an addict. I’m addicted to buying books, reading books, recommending books and surrounding myself with books.  Heck, I’m even writing a book!

Like most addicts, my addiction started from a sense of lack in my life and a belief that experts and authors had access to information that I didn’t. If I wasn’t reading a self-help book, I was attending workshops and seminars in hopes of “getting some of that stuff” the experts had, and at some extent hoping that some of that “stuff” could help me change my life. I suppose you could say that I was always searching for something magical outside of myself; something to make me happy, make me feel worthy and to help me feel a sense of inner peace.

Fast forward about ten years and I can honestly say that although my love affair for books remains, it looks very different than it did back then.  For one thing, I now give myself permission to read books other than nonfiction.  The old “I need fixing” had me convinced that I could not waste precious time reading something frivolous like Emily Dickenson for fear of missing something important.  If there wasn’t a purpose in my reading, I said forget it.  I can still hear those old voices in my head saying, “Life’s too short, can’t you see I’m in a race here? Wasting time is not an option!”  Thank goodness I matured and embraced my wisdom to know that if reading a fiction story makes me feel good, then that’s good enough for me!

If “all the answers to life’s questions reside within you,”  then I no longer need to focus on things outside of myself to make me feel better. I only need to look within.  What that means for me is reading for inspiration rather than for information. Right or wrong, I find reading nonfiction these days leaves me feeling either overwhelmed (“Oh my, here are 101 new ways to do such and such that I need to try out”), frustrated (“Geez!  I already knew that!), or just simply tired (“Okay, I’m sleepy here, I’ve read this sentence 4 times and I still don’t get it!).

As I give myself permission to enjoy new and brilliant works of fiction, I anticipate the new worlds I will see, the new people I will meet and the fresh experiences I will have through the characters and plots that await me. And in the end, I will come full circle back home.  Home to the Wise Woman who lives within me who knows that I am perfect just the way I am!

Have an Inspirational month!

Carole L. Billingham, MCC, Spiritual & Business Coach
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Pancakes for Dinner

Monday, March 30th, 2009

When I have had a full day and have pushed myself a bit too hard, I love to eat pancakes for dinner.  Swedish Pancakes that is… smothered in butter and pure maple syrup and downed with a cool glass of milk.  Swedish pancakes are easy to make, full of protein and delicious to eat.  Most importantly, they leave me feeling satisfied and well taken care of.  Maybe it’s memories of my childhood, or maybe it’s the little girl inside of me enjoying something sweet, but those pancakes have the power to make me feel good both inside and out.

Afterwards, I’ll head to the family room (or the bedroom if I’m really feeling decadent) and cozy up with my daughter under a warm blanket and watch a movie or perhaps an old episode of the Gilmore Girls.  Before I know it, I am back in synch with my soul and feeling good again.

What can you do this month to get in sync with your soul and to feel good both inside and out?  What activities nourish and feed you?

Perhaps you’ve noticed that often it’s the simple pleasures in life that bring us the most joy.  How about squeezing in just a few more of those simple pleasures this month?  You deserve it!

Clear the Decks

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

“Clear the Decks” Those three words keep coming to me, both from my head and from my soul.  A couple of weeks ago I hit a wall, or rather it hit me.  I had been putting an enormous amount of energy forth to start new projects, take care of lots of people and to (not so) simply live my rich and full life.  What I hadn’t noticed, was that I had depleted my reserves of energy and had long since past the point of running on fumes.

Before my head injury I could get away with running on empty in short spurts without any big consequences.  I can no longer do that.  It’s not really a bad thing, it just means that I need to stay as conscious as possible and pay close attention to how I am feeling.  Most importantly, I need to recognize quickly when it is time for me to pull back and increase the time I spend on Self Care.

Years ago, as I was being put into the ambulance at the scene of my auto accident, I heard Spirit’s calm and loving voice tell me “this experience will teach you how to receive”.  For most of us, receiving isn’t the easiest of tasks.  We have the giving part down pat. It is in the learning to receive that we truly start to experience a life of balance.  Self Care is one of the most basic forms of receiving and in turn, restoring balance to our body, mind and spirit.

Unfortunately we cannot be open to receiving if our life is too full.  Whether it’s setting good boundaries, saying “no” or eliminating “tolerations” that are draining you, clearing the decks can be an invigorating and freeing process.  In doing so, you can once again reclaim the helm of your life and create the space for what you want to attract in your life (this is the 3rd Principle of Attraction in my audio The 10 Principles of Attraction).  In reclaiming your space and consciousness you can declare that you get to decide what you want to do and not do in order to be true to yourself.  And instead of pushing or trying to make things happen, you can settle softly back into your knowingness that  “allowing things to unfold” is a much wiser and satisfying way of life.

Before you rush to fill in the extra space you have now created (isn’t funny how quickly the urge to do that can take over if we’re not paying attention?), take some time to enjoy the new room in your life and the limitless possibilities that space now holds.

Take some time to do things that nurture you.  Read, listen to music, get out your art supplies and embrace the gratitude that you feel in knowing that your life belongs to you.  Give thanks for your freedom and pay homage to that little voice that reminded you that it was time to take care of You..time once again to dance with your Soul.

What is your inner voice trying to tell you?  What might happen if you listened to and honored that voice?

Craving Connection

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

A couple of weeks ago I gave a keynote presentation at a conference for women in social media. My primary intent was to explore the power of connection, especially the importance of our inner connection to Self, Spirit and in turn, others.

At our core, we all crave connection. What many folks don’t realize is that the purest of connections can only come from within. We erroneously turn our efforts outwardly in hopes that something outside of ourselves will satisfy our inner most cravings. Whether our drug of choice is food, work, sex or technology, we eventually learn that our real craving is to connect with our soul.

I know that my life purpose is to guide women in their search for connection, passion and joy in their lives. In this coming year, I want to make a deep and wide impact in the lives of women. I want to hold the space for women to reclaim their connection: to their Souls, to Spirit and to each other.

I know in my heart that this is going to look different from the things I have done in the past. Not because of a need to do something different, but because I am different.

I have always known that my recovery from perfectionism, work-alcoholism, and most importantly, brain injury was not for me alone. I could clearly see that the issues that challenged me, were issues that plagued many women and that as I found my way back home to inner peace, I would be blessed with the opportunity to be a bridge for others do the same.

Are you a woman who craves a deeper connection? Would you like to meet and get to know your Inner Wise Woman? Would you like to connect with other women who like you, crave more joy, passion and purpose in their lives?

If so, here is a chance to fulfill that intention.

This month, I will be hosting a (face to face) women’s coaching circle in Boulder Colorado. I have several terrific women already registered and have space for 2-3 more. I expect these slots to fill quickly, so if being a part of a women’s circle has been on your wish list, this is your chance to make it happen! If you’d like to come play, we’d sure like you to join us. (Click here to contact me for more information on the circle.)

In this coming month, I invite you to cultivate lots of love. Although Valentine’s Day comes but once a year, you can make every day a day of romance and connection. In truth, every day can be a celebration of the love that is available to you in each and every moment, simply by going within.

With much love and appreciation,


P.S. For those of you interested in exploring your inner connection, but who don’t live in the Denver/Boulder area, fear not. I will be hosting a telegathering in the next month or two. If you have a particular topic you would like to explore or would like to reserve your space in advance, click here to contact me and let me know. I am always interested in knowing what is of interest to you.

The Wisdom Coach Says: Who Do You Want to Be in 2009?

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

Great change is in the air. It’s not hard to see that there is something big brewing. Soon we will be gifted with a new year and a new president. Hope abounds.

I personally feel a change coming on as well. As I start public speaking again*, I have a sense that how I show up and what I have to offer is going to look different than it did a year ago. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I am certain that it’s going to be a fun and fulfilling ride.

In past years, I often focused my first newsletter of the year on evaluating the accomplishments of the previous year and then I’d offer some questions to ponder to help you create goals for the year to come. Today, I feel inspired to take you in a different direction.

Instead of asking you what you want to do in the new year my question to you is “who do you want to Be in 2009?”

Our culture has become obsessed with material success (and look where it has gotten us). In doing so, we’ve completely missed the point of what really matters. With the melt down of so many of our institutions we’ve been granted an opportunity to take a quick course on what really counts.

Lately I have been talking a lot about an insight that I had months ago that knocked me off my chair. What if your “life purpose” is simply to be joyful? Imagine the freedom you’d feel in knowing that the pressure is off and your “job” is simply to be happy?! What an amazing idea! In other words, what if reaching your potential had little to do with what you “do” and everything to do with Who You Are?

By focusing your efforts on being joyous (which I believe is your natural state anyway) you’d indeed achieve great things, but without so much of the suffering you’ve become accustomed to. Actions would be inspired from your heart rather than motivated by guilt or fear. Ironically, the outcome in turn, would be more joy.

So thinking about the fresh slate before you – who would you like to BE in 2009? My personal theme for the New Year is “Joyful all the Time in 2009” (what can I say…I like things that rhyme. Last year’s theme was “Meditate in 2008”).

I dare you to throw out your endless lists and goals and to pick an attribute or two that you’d like to “embody” in the next 12 months. Now, imagine what you and your life will look and feel like as you embrace and become that attribute. Feel the power of consciously choosing who you are, how you show up in the world and in turn offering the gift that is YOU (and what an amazing gift you are!).

Please take a moment and tell me who you want to Be in 2009. I promise to hold the space for you to fulfill that intention. I have a hunch that 2009 could be your best year ever!

Have an empowering month!


* I invite you to join me at the Chicks Who Click Conference in Boulder, Colorado on January 10th where I will be the keynote speaker.

The WisdomCoach Says: The World Needs Your Energy & Compassion

Sunday, September 28th, 2008

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks. It seems that at every turn there is bad news announced about our financial or housing markets, our unstable economy. or news that another big corporation is closing its doors, being bailed out or gobbled up by another big corporation (often a foreign one). Add to that an emotionally charged presidential campaign and we’ve got one big excuse to feel disconnected from well being and inner peace.


What strikes me most in all of this frenzy is what appears to be a lack of “heart.” Our world is so focused on fear, that it’s easy to lose sight of our inner connection to Spirit. It’s also easy to not pay attention and to find that we too have jumped on the bandwagon of chaos and craziness.


I would like to make a heartfelt request to each of you.  As things continue to unfold in the world around you, I would ask that you make a conscious effort to stay connected to your heart and to joy. What the world needs now is people radiating love and peace. Say a prayer, go to your center and feel the love that is there for you. Ask Spirit to remind you to bring forth that love into your life and trust that there is nothing more powerful that you can do than to radiate love for yourself and for mankind.


A great teacher once told me, “there is no law of assertion, there is only the law of attraction.” What you focus on expands. Do your best to focus on what you desire, not what you don’t.


The world needs your loving energy and compassion.  Go inside, claim it, and bring it forth! 


Have an empowering week,



The WisdomCoach Says: Be the change that you want to see

Sunday, April 20th, 2008


Be The Change That You Want
To See In The World

By Carole L. Billingham, MCC

Did you know that if Gandhi were alive today he would have been 138 years old.

Gandhi’s biggest gift to us was his wisdom and his commitment to using nonviolent resistance to create change. It’s humbling to see that almost 60 years after his death we are still in need of remembering the power of nonviolence. Being the optimist that I am, I believe that although we still have a ways to go we are learning and starting to live from the principles of love, peace and nonviolent resistance. We are starting to understand that violence is never the answer and that peace starts from within.

Gandhi taught us to be the change that we want to see in the world. It’s easy to sit in our armchairs and judge others for the mistakes they are making. In doing so, we feel righteous and eventually more and more powerless to do anything. Worst of all, we continue to feel disconnected from ourselves, from others and from Spirit. As we pivot towards using the wisdom within, we understand that the opportunity that lies before us is to realize that we are not helpless and if we desire to do so, we can in this very moment do something to create healing and peace both for ourselves and for our planet.

The opportunity and challenge before us is to catch ourselves (lovingly) when we are waging war with ourselves and simply to stop. If the change you want to see in the world is more love and compassion, be more loving and compassionate towards yourself. If the change you want to see in the world is more cooperation and generosity, be more cooperative and generous with yourself.  Miraculously you will see that as you make these changes within, you will start to see them manifest in your experiences and interactions with the outer world.

If we are truly One and somehow all interconnected, then there is no “them” and there is only “we” or “us.”  What we do to ourselves we in turn do to others and what we see in the outside world is a reflection of what is happening inside each and every one of us. The good news is that we DO have the power to create change and it lies within us. Not “out there” somewhere, but “in here” somewhere. The even better news is that many of us have already burst through that invisible barrier and are here to help others that want to do the same.  In other words, you are not alone in your craving for peace and love. There are millions of us holding the space for all of humanity to step into a new way of being. I believe that we are already creating the change that we want to see and that as we gather together and create momentum, amazing and wonderful things are in store for us.

Your presence here is not an accident. When you are ready, you can unleash the gifts that you came here to bring. It’s really just a matter of time. How about right now?

©2006 Carole L. Billingham, MCC

A Poem of Compassion: A New World

Monday, February 25th, 2008

by Carole L. Billingham, MCC

A new world is being born
A world of love, peace
And compassion
A world where women are
Loved and honored
For the divine
Beings that they

A new world is being born
Where compassion and
Cooperation is the
Norm. Where people
Work together for
The greater good
Of all.

A new world is being born
Where children’s connection
With the Mother is
Celebrated and where
Children are honored
For the wise and
Spiritually connected
Beings that they are.

I am here to be a
Mid wife to this birth.
To celebrate, cheer and
Facilitate the emergence
Of this incredible and
Amazing world to be.

As I do so, I
Trust that I have
All that I need
And that all that is
Required is that
I remain connected.

Connected to my heart,
My soul and my Goddess.
She knows what
To do. All I
Have to do is

And so it is.


Copyright 2005 Carole L. Billingham, MCC
The Wisdomcoach

Fame and Fortune

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

 Fame and Fortune
by Carole L. Billingham, MCC

I have been attracting a lot of information lately about the pitfalls of fame and fortune.  Maybe it’s because I have been writing a book and questioning just how many people I want it to reach and what that might do to my precious balanced lifestyle.  Or maybe it’s because I’m coaching clients who want to or already have created a life of fame and fortune.  Regardless, it’s got my attention and has helped me get clear on a couple of things.  First of all, just because someone is successful or famous does not mean they have it totally together.  Actually, often it’s the opposite.  Secondly, fame has its price.  Thirdly, once you’ve become famous, there is no turning back. And lastly, fame can be disappointing when you find that you are still the same person you were before you became famous, but now your faults are hanging out for everyone to see.

So what does this all have to do with you?  It has to do with being Real, being Authentic and recognizing that you are amazing just as you are and that you don’t need to be on Oprah to know it.  It’s about celebrating the unique being that is you and has nothing to do with your accomplishments, your bank account or who you know.

I used to think that the more important and successful a person was, the more valuable they were to me, to our society, and to our world.  I now realize that being valued is our birthright and comes from our ability to make a connection to ourselves and others and has nothing to do with outer success or accomplishments.  All one has to do is look at the media darlings of the moment to see that fame does not always equal value or contribution (please don’t get me started).

Thankfully, I was nudged off the treadmill and out of the rat race years ago thanks to a brain injury.  And as I get ready to devote some new energy and life to my career after 5 years of focusing on my family I find myself asking “what price am I willing to pay to succeed in fulfilling my intention of touching millions of people in deep and meaningful ways?”  The simple answer that I receive each and every time is “take it one step at a time, be true to yourself and trust Me (God).”

I know that as with everything else, there is a force much greater than me at work here.  As I learn to let go and let God, I know that what I need to know will be revealed to me at the precise moment that I am ready to hear it and not one second earlier. (I can only hope that I will keep my heart open so that I can hear it the first time).

I also know that as I stay conscious and true to myself that I will be able to manifest all of my heart’s desires without the need to give up my commitment to living a balanced life.  And if I can’t, then I’ll simply amend my goals to stay true to myself, my soul, my values and my family.  Either way I win.

©2006 Carole L. Billingham, MCC

The Gift of Receiving

Friday, February 8th, 2008

The Gift of Receiving
By Carole L. Billingham, MCC

We talk a lot these days about the importance of balance. I have found that a key element to creating and obtaining balance is learning how to receive. Most of us have the giving part down-pat. It’s the receiving part where we may need some help.I learned about the gift of receiving while on my healing path back from a brain injury. I learned very quickly that if my health (and sanity) were to improve, I’d have to let others help me. Now this wasn’t easy for a recovering super-achiever, but I intuitively knew that it was time, not to mention that the alternative was not very attractive.

The first thing that I noticed was that in order to truly let people help me, I had to let my guard down and admit that I wasn’t Superwoman. This meant opening myself up to being vulnerable. Having a brain injury helped, since one of the side effects of such an injury is an immense feeling of vulnerability. Still, I had invested a lot into my Superwoman identity, and I had never considered vulnerability an attribute of a Super Hero.

The second thing that I noticed was that in order to receive I had to stop acting like a “human doing” and become a “human being”. In other words, there’s not much space for receiving if all of your energy is going outward. This meant that I had to slow down. Another difficult feat for a recovering A-type personality.

Things started to shift rather quickly as I stepped more and more into my new way of being. I started to feel more and more connected. Connected to both my authentic self and to others. I also started to feel less stressed about “making things happen” and more focused on “allowing” things to happen. I was learning to take things one day at time and to trust that things would (as they always do) fall into place perfectly. There was a new sense of faith and trust within in me that knew that I no longer needed to try so hard all the time. This faith and trust brought an incredible sense of inner peace. What a gift!

The more I learned, the more I found myself teaching. I remember sharing an important insight with a dear friend facing a life-threatening illness. She was struggling with the fact that her identity had always been rooted in her caretaker role. Now it was her turn to receive, and it was extremely difficult for her to do so. I asked her how she felt when she was helping someone. She predictably replied that it made her feel wonderful. I lovingly reminded her that by allowing others to help her, she’d be offering them the gift of giving. She got it. And I am happy to say that as she learned to receive, her health improved greatly.

In order for the circle of love to be complete, it must be given and received. In letting our guard down and opening our hearts, we can be blessed with a true sense of love and connection. After all, isn’t that what we are all looking for?

Here are some questions for you to ponder:

  • Where are you not allowing love (or anything else for that matter) to flow back to you?
  • What’s it costing you in not doing so?
  • When’s the last time that you allowed yourself to feel vulnerable?
  • How could you start to ask more often for what you need- -physically, mentally, & spiritually?
  • Are you willing to stop acting like a human “doing” and start becoming a human “being”?
  • What could you do today to allow the flow of love and energy to come back to you?

©2005 Carole L. Billingham, MCC